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Jewel Mine

Jewel Mine

Lift the handle up and crank it back down to propel your mine cart down the tracks and into the Jewel Mine. Glittering gems dump into your cart on the screen when the wheel stops, revealing your winnings. With a skillful touch, spin the wheel just right to land on the Jackpot target to win big tickets!

Lighting effects brighten Jewel Mine from top to bottom. The wheel itself and the standard Jackpot marquee are back lit, the cart-shaped guard rails are traced with dancing lights, and the bright underglow is sure to draw players in.

Game Specifications:
Dimensions: 34" W x 70" D x 101"H
Weight: 580 LBS.
Shipping Weight: 630 LBS.
Metric Dimensions: 87cmW x 178cmD x 257cmH
Weight: 263 kg
Shipping Weight: 286kg

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