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The Importance of Company Visitors.   By: Rick Rochetti

Over the Last forty years Bay Tek has hosted a wide variety of people, namely our customers, suppliers, and community members, through our doors by touring our manufacturing facility in Pulaski, WI. Having the opportunity to meet our shareholders, employees and experience our culture has been extremely beneficial in building the relationships we have today. Everyone that joins us on our journey through the Bay Tek tour comes away with the sense of who we are as a company and what we stand for in the pride and quality of our work. Visitors also recognize the overall commitment Bay Tek has to its employees, their families and the community’s, and charity’s that are served every day.

Seeing is believing as Bay Tek goes through its current transformation in the production process.We strive to continually grow in our businesses practices to meet the demands our every changing market sends our way.  As the plant continues to evolve and improve, the sharing of the positive changes with the visitors as they tour will continue to reinforce Bay Tek’s vision to be the best in the world at developing and manufacturing coin-operated games for our customers. The internal process changes we are implementing will certainly pay dividends not only for this year, but for years to come as we continue to improve and grow as a company.  

It is always amazing when visitors have the opportunity to spend time at Bay Tek. They leave with the same pride we demonstrate as a company. It never gets tiring when we hear our customers, suppliers or distributors say about the great things Bay Tek practices. Our pride in what we do is truly considered to be some of the best in the Amusement Industry.

As Bay Tek continues to grow, so does our family. We are a part of a larger entity, named the Village. The village is comprised of 9 different companies with common ownership. It has been important to not only have our visitors walk through Bay Tek, but we have also introduced touring the other companies as well. Incorporating these additional visits has helped our customers recognize what each company in the Village has to provide in the way of manufacturing, goods and services. Our visitors have a much better understanding of the potential and impact the Village has. Finding new opportunities and cultivating our existing relationships through these visits has paid dividends to Bay Tek and the Village.  

The next time you plan on traveling to Northeast Wisconsin let us know! You will be welcomed with open arms for a Village tour. If you are lucky enough you might also enjoy the spectacular Wednesday summer cook out. A delicious barbecue you will never forget!


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