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Jump Start  By: Gina Angeli

These words are inspirational to many people who would be called by others or self-identify as “givers.” Givers are those people who always look to serve the needs of others first. Adam Grant, in his pioneering research, identifies that givers are the ones that make an organization better in every measure of success. Mr. Grant is the youngest tenured professor at Wharton and has been named one of Business Weeks’s favorite professors. He is the best-selling author of Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success.

Mr. Grant identifies three basic styles of interaction: givers (described above), takers (those who first look out for their own self-interests) and matchers (those who look to keep the score even). Your style is simply how you treat most of the people most of the time. His belief is that, if you want to have a truly successful organization, you must create an environment that supports giving.

Mr. Grant suggests this can be done by focusing on three areas. The first is protecting the givers from burnout. One suggestion is encouraging the “5 Minute Favor” which encourages people to find small ways to add large value to others. This makes giving something that can be easily grasped and accomplished by everyone- it does not need to be seen as something overwhelming and unreachable.

The second area of focus is to encourage help seeking. This means acknowledging that it is OK to be a receiver of help. Easily said but definitely a challenge in our culture. While it is a challenge, structuring your organization to encourage requests for help gets more people to act like givers.  Most people, when asked, will help.

Finally, and critically important, is removing the takers from your organization. This will leave only the givers and the matchers to impact your culture and your customers. Ultimately, this is what builds long-term real success- a success defined by contribution.  

To learn more about Adam Grant go to: https://www.ted.com/talks/adam_grant_are_you_a_giver_or_a_taker
To learn more about the Global Leadership Summit go to https://www.willowcreek.com/events/leadership/


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