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Support Liquidation     Game Registration

The warranty policy for Bay Tek Games is as follows:

Bay Tek Games warrants to the original purchaser that all component parts will be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase. An additional 3 month warranty extension can be obtained by filling out and submitting the Warranty Registration for each machine. Warranty Registration cards may be found as shipped with each machine or online at our website. These must be filled out and submitted to Bay Tek Games within 30 days of purchase to be valid.

For any game/machine we manufacture that is within its warranty period, with notification to our Parts & Service Department, Bay Tek Games will, without charge, repair or replace defective component parts. It is the owner’s responsibility to diagnose, remove and replace any faulty component part at their own expense & peril. As needed, at no charge, Bay Tek Games can provide reasonable telephone technical support during our normal business hours.

All claims of defective parts are subject to review upon our inspection of the faulty item. This warranty does not apply in the event of any misuse or abuse to the product, or as a result of any unauthorized repairs or alterations. The warranty does not apply if any serial number decal is altered, replaced or removed from its original position.

To process warranty replacement claims, customers may be charged for the replacement item at the time of shipment and later credited the same amount when the faulty item is returned and has passed our inspection. Bay Tek Games will provide the customer a pre-paid return shipping label which is sent along with the replacement item. The customer is responsible for properly packaging and shipping the faulty item back to Bay Tek Games.

Return Authorization

All items being returned to Bay Tek Games must be accompanied by a Product Return Form! Items arriving at our location without this documentation may be returned to you at your expense! This form is typically included with each replacement item we send. If you do not have a form, please contact us and ask for a duplicate.

Late Fees

NOTICE - Failure to return the faulty Advance or Warranty Replacement items in a timely manner will result in automatic late fees which are not refundable or applicable for any credit.

Late Fee Structure

  • To be considered on-time, you have one month (exactly 20 business days) to return the defective item to Bay Tek Games.
  • Items not returned within the first month will be charged $50.00 for each month (20 business days) the item is not returned.
  • Any item not returned within three months will results in a third and final late fee plus a charge for the replacement cost of that item (List Price of a new item minus any prior invoiced amounts for Advance Replacement Fees). Upon payment of this final invoice, the non-returned item becomes yours to keep.
  • Late Fees are non-negotiable, non refundable or applicable for any credit.

Bay Tek Games, Inc. utilizes UPS™ as our preferred parcel carrier.We will use UPS™ whenever possible. With this commitment, we are unable to honor your requests to ship via your designated carrier or other UPS™ shipping accounts.

In order to assure timely delivery and help you better plan, please note that any parts or advance replacement orders received at our office after 2:00pm C.D.T. may not ship same day. If you need your order promptly, please confirm expected shipping date with our representatives when placing your order.

Excellent Customer Service is very important to Bay Tek Games! We know that keeping your games in great operating condition is important to your business. When you need us, we are here to help. You can call us for free technical assistance, and you can count on us to have parts on-hand to support your game. When you do need us, it's important that you know what to expect. We offer options that fit your needs.

Electronics / Circuit Boards

Repair & Return - If you have Circuit Board issues with your Bay Tek games, you can send the board to us and we'll repair it right away. Most items sent to us are repaired and returned to you within two days. This option is your best value as we offer this fast turn-around service at the most reasonable price.

Advance Replacement - If you have Circuit Board issues with your Bay Tek game, but you don't have time to send your board in for repair, give us a call and ask for an Advance Replacement. We'll send you out a replacement board that same day (pending availability). This is your best option when you need to get your game up and running as quickly as possible! When you get your new board, just repackage the defective board in the same box and send it back to us. We makeit easy by including a UPS Return-Shipping label for you to put on the box.

Spare Parts - Take matters into your own hands and purchase new spare Circuit Boards for your Bay Tek games. Many of our games share the same main-board electronics. This means you can buy one set of spare electronics to support many of your Bay Tek games. Spare boards allow you to get your game up and running the quickest and provide you a valuable troubleshooting option. Call our technicians to get recommendations for what you should keep on hand for spare parts.

Technical Support

You are the best tool for troubleshooting! Your abilities to understand the game and your skills to repair the game are invaluable to us! If you need help, you know you can call us. It's not easy to diagnose a game remotely by phone, but our technicians do a great job. They'll need your help to perform troubleshooting steps and convey exactly what's happening with your game.

Returns & Credits

Sometimes the issue isn't what it seemed to be. If you chose the Advance Replacement option and now need to return that circuit board, just give us a call to get Return Authorization. You will be credited for the cost of the board and charged only the bench fee for our processing and retesting that board. If you choose the Repair and Return option, we'll test your board before we begin. If no problems are found, you will only be charged the bench fee. Note: Bench fees apply regardless of whether the repair was your choice or a recommendation from a Bay Tek Games technician. It's a small price to pay for troubleshooting the issues with your game.

Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)

RoHS As of September 8th, 2006 Bay Tek Games, Inc. has become compliant with the RoHs standard for lead-free components. Our games now meet the requirements outlined by the standard.

In an effort to support our customers, all products produced after this date will be soldered with lead free solder and lead-free components if available to the industry. We will still support products that were manufactured prior to this date and currently in the field.


How will you know if you have a RoHS compliant board or game?

We have established labeling guidelines for all of our products. The game will have a green RoHs label on the outside of the cabinet in the area where the power cord exits the game. All PC boards have a stamp on them with either an LF (lead free) or the RoHS acronym. At the component level, we have chosen suppliers that also use markings verifying that the components are lead-free.

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